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Spring Clean your finances - Pensions and Investments

Whilst you are probably familiar with the services we offer here at Oscar Grace Mortgages - mortgages, protection (life/Illness cover) and buildings & contents cover…


You might not be aware that we have also teamed up with an expert in the Pensions and Investments arena!


Many of you regularly ask us about other aspects of Financial services.  Over the last 18 months we have worked closely with a vastly experienced Wealth Management specialist called Simon Tipton.


As well as being a really nice guy! he’s already helped many of our clients with their Pension and/or Investment needs - always providing clear and simple advice, which can be carried out via a Face-to-Face meeting, Phone or Zoom/Teams call.



If you have put your pension on the ‘backburner’ for a number of years – or, maybe you have some investments that aren’t achieving what you want them to...


Now might be the time to get moving forwards with a financial review.


Here are a few common scenarios that Simon can help with:




  • Have you worked for several companies over the years, with multiple pensions you know little or nothing about?  Would consolidating them into one manageable ‘pot’ be beneficial to you?

  • Are you Self-Employed or a Company Director?  Pensions are a great way to extract profit from your business in a tax efficient manner.


Maximise the growth of your Pension by ensuring they are in the BEST funds for your circumstances.


Financial Planning & Investments


All customers will get a bespoke financial plan as part of ongoing service (via a cash flow model plan), for their financial goals and long-term planning.


Are you looking to create regular savings for either yourself and/or your children in the most tax efficient manner?




Possibly the number one question we get asked about (outside of our regular line of business) is regarding Wills…


As part of the overall advice that Simon will provide, making sure that your assets will go where you wish is paramount.   We have found that most of our clients do NOT have adequate Wills in place at present, which can cause multiple issues, should the ‘worst’ happen.


Again, this is an area that Simon can help you with.


What next?...


For a FREE consultation, please get in touch with me and I can arrange for Simon to contact you.


Call – 07950 883517

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